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How does SEO work?
how does seo work by vertex web surf
How does SEO work?

The internet has switched the way we live our lives. These days we rely so much on the internet to search for an answer to every question we have.

For a business owner or a service provider, it is essential to make use of the digital platform to get potential customers. Search Engine Optimisation is one of the tools to put your website in the public attention. Having a strong online presence is a guaranteed way to increase your brand’s visibility among potential customers.

SEO refers to the process of getting a higher ranking in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. We have different search engine providers that work differently according to their respective algorithms.

Let’s take a deeper look at SEO.

To learn about SEO, you must be familiar with the idea of traffic. Traffic refers to the number of hits a website gets from visitors every day. When you successfully use SEO for your website, it generates more traffic.

Technically, SEO is a set of methods and techniques that aim to significantly increase the visibility of a web page in a search engine’s organic, or inorganic, results. If effectively performed, SEO allows a web page to appear first in a search engine results page when a specific keyword or key phrase is searched. In SEO jargon, this position known as a rank.

When a page is ranked high or is on the first page of a search engine, people are more likely to click it. The more visitors the page gets, the more chances these visitors can be transformed into customers, regular readers, or loyal followers. 

Easy, isn’t it? Well, it isn’t easy as it sounds, but it isn’t too difficult either. Discussing the strategies of SEO is beyond the range of this post and will take several articles to do so.

Have you ever thought about how do search engines work?

Mainly search engines have 3 main objectives, and it all starts with crawling the web to discover content followed by indexing, analyzing, and organizing content into the databases. And finally, retrieving, and ranking related results based on a search query. If all this sounds a little bit too technical for you, then here is the infographic below to show how it works.

how does seo work infographics by vertex web surf canada

Whenever the indexing robot discovers a new page or an updated page, it analyzes its content and saves it in its gigantic database. Note that the most accessible and understandable content by search engines is the editorial content displayed in a simple form (HTML format). Search engines are unable to read the text inserted in images. Only graphical sites are an obstacle to SEO unless you implement the optimization advice provided by a provider.

Each page saved in the search engine database is then associated with one or more indexing via a system of keywords. Then, when a user makes a keyword query, the search engine searches its entire database for pages that might respond to its request. He then sorts these pages in order of decreasing relevance and presents their contents in the form of summaries. For each page considered relevant, the engine displays a short descriptive sheet consisting of a title, a description, and a direct link to its entire content.

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