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5 Common Web Design Scams and ideas to avoid them
Scams you should avoid while web designing of your company - vertex web surf
5 Common Web Design Scams and ideas to avoid them

Lately, we hear the news of people getting scams over websites designs. People are grieving over how they paid large sums of money for website design or development, fell prey to one of the scams, and need guidance concerning what to do next.

No matter how much news there is about these immoral designers, it is surprising to know about how people can find a way of obtaining money by deceiving the people. These people are not clueless either- they are fully aware of what to look for when hiring a designer and still end up in terrible situations sometimes.

Web Scams - vertex web surf canada

Here are some scams and ideas to avoid them:

1.Vanishing Designerbe aware of scams vertex web surf Canada

Scenario: You will find a designer online with a good portfolio. You will email him a few times, get a quote, and finally hire him for the work. He will completely vanish after you have given the deposit amount. You will never hear from him again. You will not get the design nor the deposited amount.

What to do: If you have made a digital transaction with the designer file a complaint to recover your money. Email your designer saying ” if I don’t hear you by date, I will be filing a complaint against you.” Once that date passes on, Don’t hesitate to complain and get your money and move on. But if no digital transaction then also file complain but there is no surety to get your money back.

How to avoid this scam: Look at the designer’s portfolio and check

  • the information provided is correct or not.
  • the site is a dummy or not.
  • the feedback from the customers.

Try to collect as much information about that person before hiring him/her.

It’s also a good idea to hold payment until the design is live on your site. Many designers and developers like to be cleared before transferring the file to the owner to protect themselves, but remind them of the advantage they hold like your hosting, FTP credentials, etc. and they may be willing to make an exception for you.

Note: Always check reviews about the designer’s previous works and collect as much information about that person from his/her previous client.

2. Unfaithful Designerbe aware of scams vertex web surf Canada

 Scenario: We often hear this from time to time. The dealer deals with the specific package design and the creator incorporate free design available on the internet. You notice the package design is not you have paid after the handover. At that time it will be too late for you.

What to do: Before the deals start officially, make sure to give your requirements for the website. Take your time to discuss these pieces of information or if possible make a wireframe of your work. If the dealer delivers a different from what you have explained; then complain about their work. If nothing works after that, go to the police with your digital agreement.

Sometimes because of the information barrier, this problem occurs. Make sure you correctly interact with your designer.

How to avoid this scam: Always hire a designer who makes a contract with you. It ensures that the designer will agree to the terms and conditions you have prepared. If he/she violates the contract terms and conditions, then you can prosecute him/her.

Note: Purchase the themes yourself. You will not have to depend on the designer as well as you can use the purchased items for the future.

3. The Hijackerbe aware of scams vertex web surf Canada

Scenario: They ask you to provide login credentials to the designer and when you provide then after a while you will be locked out of your system. They will fill the system with malicious codes, spam emails, and malware. Or sometimes some hackers might hack your sites and your website shows some fault messages or suddenly decrease of your followers and sometimes your site won’t work(site down).

What to do: Contact your host immediately if they locked you out or found malicious malware/codes in the system. The maintenance team will quickly help you tackle these problems and if your host is good, they will not charge you for it.

How to avoid this scam: Be cautious when hiring a designer. There is no other solution instead of being aware. All of them will be not bad. You will find good designers in the field too. But ignoring the fact that there are people who can hack your websites and harm them. So, be cautious when hiring a designer for your websites.

Note:  Don’t share your website admin with many people and try to keep a unique and lengthy password.

4. Experience in the working fieldbe aware of scams vertex web surf Canada

Scenario: The creator will give you false data about their working experience. He/she will ensure you on believing their information is correct and accurate. You will be attracted to work with the fraud.

What to do: Check several sources possible to verify the given information is true. If not, go to a different designer. It may take some of your time. But, it is better than to be scammed and lose your money in the process.

Note: Make options rather than going on a single designer.

How to avoid this scam: Collect information regarding his or her experience. Review with the previous clients he/she has already worked. It will help to gather proper information regarding his/her work.

Note: Collect his/her correct information as much as you can through various sources like previous works and clients.

5. Increasing the Pricebe aware of scams vertex web surf Canada

Scenario: The overall cost of the website may be increased significantly with many fraudulent purchases. They try to scam you with showing attractive design at first but won’t add anything later. The cost may include costs of the theme, graphics, plugins, and fonts.

What to do: Purchase the items yourself. You can get a bonus license added and the ability to transfer to another designer. Talk with them clearly about the item which they are going to buy and if you think that is unnecessary then don’t let them buy but if it is essential then try to compare the cost of that item on different websites too.

How to avoid this scam: Make a contract concerning the price of the website. During the agreement, they should follow the rules and regulations. You can change the designer without loss.

Note: Make sure to create a transparent contract. Mention the things that you have discussed at first in the agreement. It can benefit both designers and mainly you. It will also make the working process visible to you.

Some other tips to avoid these scam are as follows:

The internet is a vast place; We can’t say the Internet is not a safe place because there are many genuine people and companies there, who are performing the best work for their clients. Sadly, thanks to these scams it is necessary to take steps before you hire a designer.

  • Always talk to the designer before hiring him/her to work. If the designer refuses to talk, then forget it and look for another designer.
  • Talk to the clients who have previously worked with the designer. Review their previous works.
  • Compare prices between different designers. Don’t take the low-cost designer because usually, they are scammers.
  • Do your research well on websites because it makes sure that you get enough information about your needs.
  • Are you feeling unsatisfied with the designer’s commitment? Then you should move with your intuition and change the designer.

People only look for a cheap and fast delivery work that’s why they fall in the trap of the frauds. That is why look for the best website design company with good reviews, and a good portfolio.

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be aware of scams vertex web surf Canada

Note: It is not safe to give your information or money to someone you have never met.